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West Village | Manhattan

Below is a selection of properties we represented for sale or lease in Manhattan & Brooklyn:

2 Jane Street, West Village
2 King Street, Soho
3 Lincoln Center, Lincoln Center
4 West 16th Street, Flatiron
7 West 96th Street, Upper West Side
10 West 15th Street, Chelsea
10 West 66th Street, Upper West Side
10 West 76th Street, Upper West Side
10 West End Avenue, Lincoln Center
11 Vestry Street, Tribeca
15 Broad Street, Financial District
25 Fifth Avenue, Greenwich Village
25 Central Park West, Lincoln Center
25 Wood Road, Sands Point
26 Gramercy Park South, Gramercy Park
32 Gramercy Park South, Gramercy Park
32 West 40th Street, Midtown
33 Greenwich Avenue, West Village
40 West 22nd Street, Flatiron
40 West 77th Street, Upper West Side
45 West 67th Street, Upper West Side
50 East 8th Street, Greenwich Village
62 Cooper Union, East Village
60 West 68th Street, Upper West Side
60 East 8th Street, Greenwich Village
72 East 3rd Street, East Village
73 Worth Street, Tribeca
77 Park Avenue, Murray Hill
82 Chauncey Street, Bedford-Stuyvesant
111 3rd Avenue, East Village
113-115 Bank Street, West Village
120 Patchen Street, Bedford-Stuyvesant
140 East 28th Street, Murray Hill
144 Palmetto, Bedford-Stuyvesant
160 West 66th Street, Lincoln Center
165 West 18th Street, Flatiron
171 Bainbridge Street, Bedford-Stuyvesant
184 MacDonough Street, Bedford-Stuyvesant
199 Bowery, Lower East Side
201 East 21st Street, Gramercy Park
201 MacDonough Street, Bedford-Stuyvesant
205 East 10th Street, East Village
208 Hancock Street, Bedford-Stuyvesant
212 East 48th Street, Midtown East
225 East 79th Street, Upper East Side
240 East 47th Street, Midtown East
242 Decatur Street, Bedford-Stuyvesant
248 Rochester Avenue, Crown Heights
250 East 40th Street, Midtown East
271 Greene Avenue, Clinton Hill
301 East 63rd Street, Upper East Side
301 East 22nd Street, Gramercy Park
311 West Broadway, Soho
319 Stuyvesant Avenue, Bedford-Stuyvesant
321 West 13th Street, West Village-Meatpacking
321 A Jefferson Avenue, Bedford-Stuyvesant
326 A Decatur Street, Bedford-Stuyvesant
330 Spring Street, Hudson Square
340 West 57th Street, Midtown West
347 Jefferson Avenue, Bedford-Stuyvesant
364 Jefferson Avenue, Bedford-Stuyvesant
366 Lewis Avenue, Bedford-Stuyvesant
368 Jefferson Avenue, Bedford-Stuyvesant
388 Bridge Street, Downtown Brooklyn
395 Grand Avenue, Clinton Hill
405 Malcolm X Blvd, Bedford-Stuyvesant
408 Macon Street, Bedford-Stuyvesant
410 Macon Street, Bedford-Stuyvesant
425 Park Avenue South, Midtown South
490 Putnam Avenue, Bedford-Stuyvesant
593 Jefferson Avenue, Bedford-Stuyvesant
615 Jefferson Avenue, Bedford-Stuyvesant
622 Jefferson Avenue, Bedford-Stuyvesant
660 Bergen Street, Prospect Heights
663 Putnam Avenue, Bedford-Stuyvesant
706 Jefferson Avenue, Bedford-Stuyvesant
722 Carroll Street, Park Slope
732 Decatur Street, Bedford-Stuyvesant
755 Linden Blvd, East Flatbush
925 Pacific Street, Prospect Heights
935 Jefferson Avenue, Bedford-Stuyvesant
960 Sterling Place, Bedford-Stuyvesant
978 Bushwick Avenue, Bushwick
1138 Bergan Street, Crown Heights
1304 Rogers Avenue, Flatbush

Same, but different

Your property will be listed on the same local multiple listing service (MLS). It will appear on the same media where buyers go to find property for sale in New York City. Every agent and local brokerage will have the same notice of the sale and the same invitation to co-broke the sale with us. The most powerful tools we use to “make the market” for you are the same as the colossal brokerages. We’re the same, but different.


Boutique business is small by design, and we can only give 100% of our attention to a limited number of clients and projects. We do not have the business model to chase quantity. We can only pursue quality, “high probability of success,” opportunities, and we must be successful at them.


A small firm quickly becomes an extension of your office. You delegate, we execute and report back to you. There are no levels of bureaucracy or hierarchy to take away from the client experience and sales process. All of the inefficiencies are minimized, and you have a direct line into the market.


Beyond the intrusiveness of dealing with your home and economics, it may comfort you to know that a deeply personal process is being handled away from the extra eyes, ears, and hands of a larger office, the boisterous sales types, their assistants, interns, admin, and so on. We can be public about the sale of your property and private with your business.


We are fiercely independent and owe no favors. There is no need for us to “play nice” for office, company, or industry politics. There is no sales manager and sales quotas; there are no shareholders. There is no one to listen to but you.


Because all people and property are necessarily unique, it’s important to have a high level of flexibility, creativity, and accommodation in this business. As a small entrepreneurial firm, we excel at tailoring plans and experiences and adjusting them to accommodate any situation. For example, we make every important business decision and do all of the marketing, advertising, and design work in-house, outsourcing very little of it.

Is Evans & Nye a Licensed Real Estate Broker?

Yes, Evans & Nye is a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of New York and member of the Real Estate Board of New York.

How long have you been in the real estate business?

Since 2004.

Is real estate brokerage your main occupation?

Yes, real estate is our full-time profession. Listing your property, finding your buyer, providing the tools, and completing the sale is what we do. Pick up the phone and call. We are ready to work with you right now.

How will a buyer find my property listing?

Notice of the sale or lease of your property will be posted on the multiple listing service (MLS) and shared with local agents, brokerages, and the websites buyers search for New York City real estate. Beyond the Internet, we use traditional advertising and marketing methods to create interest in your property like direct mail and email, signs, cold calling, word-of-mouth, canvassing the market, and direct ad buys.

I want to be on the MLS. Do I have to pay a Buyer’s Agent commission?

This is up to you. If you choose to be on the multiple listing service (MLS), we share your listing with all the local agents and brokerages. If you decide to accept an offer and sell to a buyer who is represented by a licensed agent, that agent will have earned a commission. You must disclose what you are willing to offer a buyer’s agent prior to listing on the MLS.


Telephone (917) 615-4818
Manhattan | West Village
80 1/2 Jane Street #1B
New York, NY 10014


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Owner & Licensed Broker
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